We seek to offer our consumers tremendous benefits that go beyond tightening world regulations and consumers’ normal expectations.


Clean Labels

As a food manufacturer and marketeer, we aim to produce and distribute products which are as close to 100% natural as possible.

We use additives only when it is not possible to do without.

Our promise is that Ayam Brand™ should be synonymous with clean labels, which means:

  • a short and honest ingredient list

  • GMO-Free

  • Preservative-Free

  • MSG-Free

  • Trans fat-Free


Green Labels

In 2018, we reinforced the above requirements with a new policy, named “Green Labels”.

Depending on the market, around 350 to 400 additives are legally authorized to be used for food. We have reduced the number of additives down to around one hundred, selecting only those additives with a pristine reputation.

With this initiative, we believe that we are paving the way for mass market food which is more natural, safer and healthier.